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We're accelerating clean energy

Using hydrogen to solve some of the hardest decarbonization challenges of our time.

What we do

At Aker Clean Hydrogen we aim to drive value by being the most efficient hydrogen value chain integrator in the race towards zero emissions. We develop, build, own and operate clean hydrogen at industrial scale globally. We have a clear ambition to have a meaningful environmental impact with a target of net production capacity of 5 GW, and 9.4 million tons of Co2 emissions reduced per year, by 2030.

  • Leverage innovative and efficient solutions
  • Reducing costs across the value chain
  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships

Why hydrogen?

“Hydrogen will play a vital role to accelerate decarbonisation. It has the potential to close as much as 50 percent of the gap in CO2 emissions required to achieve the 2-degree scenario, by replacing fossil feedstock and fuel through clean hydrogen and ammonia production and thus reducing the carbon footprint of industrial companies and in the shipping sector”

We have an integrated business model covering the full asset lifecycle


We have unique access to projects through Aker Horizons eco-system and Aker industrial network.

  • Partnership opportunities from industrial network
  • Origination and asset development using digital tools and big data
  • Global presence through Aker group


Shaping global learning curve through modularisation, industrial software, and alliances.

  • Unique end-to-end asset integration and optimalisation capabilities to reduce costs
  • Modularized, plug and play facility architecture – digitally configured to individual projects
  • Hydrogen domain expertise
  • Well proven HVE model with detail design team in India
  • Proven alliance model


Stable cash flows for financial optimisation.

  • Capital recycling model
  • Asset management services built on Aker track-record
  • Financial optimization


AI enabled safe, reliable, and remote operations.

  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Utilise data and AI to improve performance
  • Unmanned operations of facilities using state-of-the-art remote inspection and common centralized control room
  • Effective trading and logistics operations

Modular hydrogen system video

Uniquely positioned to drive down capex in the execution phase by combining the key pillars of the Aker Clean Hydrogen’s capability set;

Domain Expertise, Product Catalogue, Industrial Software, and Well Proven Alliance Model.